Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1. sometimes it's good to become apathetic in the morning. avoid many awkward run ins.
2. why would someone with the last name wood become a doctor?
3. i should never have watched julie & julia because now i want to cook.
4. i can't cook.
5. new years resolution?
6. you know who can cook? my mom. she created her own recipe for moroccan chili the other day.
7. i apparently need to catch up on classic dustin hoffman movies. i watched the graduate the other day and part of rain man today and they're so good. i need to see them all.
8. new years resolution?


  1. my thought- someone should tell your blog christmas is long gone. hahahah sorry that sounds bitchy. the green is just kinda hard to read on the white background.
    p.s. yes learn to cook! it's inexpensive, fun, and helps you be healthier. assuming you cook healthier things than you would buy, that is. haha.