Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wednesday night feels alright?

drinking on a wednesday night? what? it still feels weird, and it's happened the last two weeks. who have i become? am i a lush? nah, just kidding, it's been fun. the past week has been fun. a lot of fun.

last thursday night was ridiculous, just sitting in 324 with people being psuedo-drunk/high/dead and making jokes about stupid things and playing impromptu games of "which way are you going/which way am i going" with juan fernandez, hot foreign basketball superstar.

last weekend was a nice mix of partying, drinking, and laying around in the beautiful weather. it was keiran's birthday, so we celebrated in style by playing the arrested development drinking game, which is a fun way to become inebriated. i recommend it.

this week has been stressful, especially today. it may have been spring fling, but my professors decided that they wanted to kill me with work and tests and assigning things. f you, profs. f you. it's crazy how busy i'm going to be with work starting next week. ugh. it's definitely starting to feel like the end of the semester. and you know what also sucks? jayda coons going home TOMORROW. actually, in about 10 hours and I don't get to go home for like 3 weeks. CRAZY. and dumb. crazy dumb.

show at la salle, frisbee at princeton, and dinner at julie's this weekend! plus, it's going to be 85 degrees on Saturday. frick yes! sun(burn), cars, roadtrips, homemade food!
l8r sk8rs.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

diners, english accents, and spoiler alerts

home is most definitely where the heart is.

i am positive that central pennsylvania is all powerful- it can cure many things. such as cravings for terrible food (diners), homesickness (home), etc. while things are changing, it is still awesome to see people who you feel comfortable with all the time. it's nice to have no inhibitions about anything. it's easier to just be, which is always a comforting feeling. a divide is definitely forming within my group, but for the time being we're trying to resist it, and while we won't be able to next year, we're all trying to hold on to the same thing, which ultimately brings us together in the end. one thing that would have made this weekend better is if jayda had come home. i miss that bitch.

so, run down of events? sure.
friday i came home and ate pizza with my family, then drove to zoe's house to hang out and play with her big fat dog and eat all of the food in her cabinets. we made our way into town and zoe and i split off from the group and went to hang out in todd's basement, which is one of my favorite places to be. left todd's and ended up in the wal mart parking lot (so 717...) and made our way to the quarry, which wasn't opened, so we hung out on the porch. attempted to comingle with some dickinson kids, but that was a fail so we just sat on the red chairs on campus and talked and then made our way to the diner- the perfect ending to a 717 night if you ask me.

saturday i spent the entire day with my family, which was relaxing and nice. we cleaned out the garage, which wasn't terrible even though it sounds like it. then we played our "guess the song" game (i won) and we played some poker, kinda sorta. brennan started singing "poker face" in and english accent, which easily became my new favorite thing in the entire world. i went to target with b, which of course i loved. because i love target. who doesn't? if you don't, you're an asshole. (jim, i think we should get our dishes and other such things for the apartment at target. y/n?). met up with people at sarah's and hung out in her basement. i love basements, i have come to realize. they're so nice when they're not in a frat house. after sarahs, we ended up at the diner again. saw a lot of people there that we had seen there the night before, which is one of my favorite things about Carlisle. ate bad food and talked about things for awhile and i ruined the end of crime and punishment for my senior friends, but then the conversation turned philosophical which is always the cue to break things off. never a good idea with my friends. after we hugged, said bye, kissed each others heads, went our seperate ways, i drove around Carlisle and just blasted music and called jayda. beautiful night in the suburbs.

going to my aunt's house then back to temple tomorrow! i'm excited this time! yay!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the friends they are a-changin'...

I really felt it the last time I went home. Granted, none of my college age friends were home, but everything just felt different. I'm sure it's a mix of me and them, but a major change is occuring. My senior year, everyone was close---we were a group, but now it seems like everyone is breaking into their own mini-groups, and mini-groups are never as good as the original group. I could just feel that we were no longer on the same page at all anymore, and while that is inevitable, it's still hard. I'm growing, they're growing, everyone is growing and changing and it's hard and it's weird and it's awkward, but I suppose it has to happen.

I'm feeling closer to people at school, though. The first half of this year I truly felt that I had no one, but it all seems to have changed this semester-- I finally feel like I'm being accepted. I'm placing the blame for my first semester on myself because I was afraid and nervous and awkward. I always felt that I was simply tagging along to things instead of being wanted. But now, although I do still feel like that sometimes because everyone else is so close already and I do feel like somewhat of an outsider and I still feel annoying sometimes, I feel like I'm wanted more, like people are enjoying having me with them. It's nice. Temple is finally starting to feel like home to me. Almost. Sorta. Kinda. It took longer than it did for other people, because I am so connected to central Pennsylvania and Carlisle, but it's finally starting to feel more real.

I'm feeling more at peace with myself this semester. To me, that is the best feeling in the world, and I have even more hopes for next semester. I feel comfortable with my decisions on who to live with and what to major in and who to associate with. I'm beginning to feel more mature and grown-up and that is exciting. I'm feeling more confident and I'm glad.
Basically, I'm finally starting to feel more like Corrie again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No longer a virgin...

After (secretly) reading all of my friend's blogs, I have decided to start my own. While I'm not sure if my life is exciting enough to write about everyday, I am going to try and put my thoughts to words every now and then on here.

Since coming to college, I have learned a lot about myself and have never really vocalized them to anyone besides Jayda. I don't have too many layers to myself, but it will be nice to write about things, felings and other random shit.

So, I have a blog now! Huzzah!
And yes, Jimmy, I have known about your blog for some time now. I keep secret secrets.