Sunday, December 12, 2010

remember george, no man (or woman) is a failure who has friends

I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now that I felt the need to write a blog entry about it.

I cried when my mom helped me move into my house in August. I felt like a with people I don't know with no friends to fall back on. My eight best friends from Temple had left the country for almost four months and I had no idea where to even begin. Everyone at Temple had their groups of friends already; I would be an outsider at best. For the first few weeks of the semester, I wanted to go home and return to Philadelphia in December when some of the people I love most would also be here. I'm not very good at being alone and I had temporarily lost the people upon whom I depended to make sure I never had to be for very long.

However, I made new friends. This semester taught me that I am a likable person. The Corrie writing this now wants to punch of the Corrie of September in the face, because that Corrie was unnecessarily pessimistic. I have a whole other group of people to love now...funny people, kind people, smart people, people that I thought I would never meet this semester. If nothing else, having my best friends leave for a semester taught me to have faith in myself, because I am kind of great. Anyone reading this blog knows that I have had traumatic experiences with friends in the past, leaving me unsure of relationships, but this semester helped me realize that my fears have no basis.

Waiting for Jimmy in the International Arrivals Hall this afternoon made me realize how important friends are. (At the risk of sounding corny, waiting in an airport and finally seeing the person you're there for is just as great as it appears in the movies. I thought the excitement was romanticized, but it's not.) Many people take having friends for granted. While I've never had a lack of friends around me, this semester helped me to realize that having good people in your life is a gift; one that should be appreciated everyday.

I have never been filled with so much love as I am right now. Temple crew new and old, C Luvers, my family....I don't have just any old people around me. I have the best people. I wish there was some way to tell you all daily how much you make me beam, but this will have to suffice. Thank you for your love.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three About Me...aka...Bored At Work

3 names i go by:

3 places i have been (or, the three places that have been influential in my life):
the american south, one of my favorite weeks ever
nova scotia, the best vacation of my life
long beach island, my favorite place

3 favorite drinks:
arizona iced tea

3 jobs i have had:
camp counselor
youth lobby supervisor
library page

3 TV shows i watch:
the office
30 rock

3 places i would like to visit:

3 fave retro tv shows
brady bunch
hey, arnold!

3 places I have lived:
carlisle, pa
university village

3 favorite dishes:
baked macaroni and cheese
chicken satay
zucchini packets

3 things i am looking forward to:
my birthday party
seeing my temple friends
moving into my new house with my new roomies

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


willdyne exavier's name should really be poopypants mcgee.

a jumbled and cheesy post about my life.

i am so genuinely happy right now.
everything about my life right now is great.
i have things to be excited about right now, things to look back on and laugh, and things to look forward to in the near future.
it's the perfect place to be and i'm glad i am here.
i often think about my friends at school and how they're people i didn't know a year and a half ago.
i can't believe it's been this short of a time. i guess that's how college works, but it's still hard to wrap my head around. it feels like i've know them forever.
i feel so close to them; closer than i am with most people at home anymore.
they're some of the best people i've ever met.
they make school feel like home.
this semester has really solidified that they're great, great people.
i am still beyond excited to go home this weekend.
i am so excited to see my parents and smell brennan (ayyyoooo) and go to penn state with jayda.
i like that i get to be excited about being at school and being at home.
both are great places with great people.
i want to hug everbody that i know repeatedly.
i am jumping up and down at the fact that southern road trip '10 is only 9 days away!
i was talking to jayda about it the other night, and she said, "you guys are doing it right"
i had been saying how the car is going to be cramped and how tensions will be high, but she reminded me that it's something that i will always look back on.
i am positive that the cramped and smelly 8 days that i am going to spend in the car with 6 of my best friends is going to be one of those things that i will always remember.
i'm glad we chose a road trip. it seems so much more freeing and memorable than taking a bus or a plane to one destination.
it's going to be legen...wait for it...dary.
like i said, my life is great.
blogger sucks and didn't space my entry how i had it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

my new favorite snack.



i think i found my valentine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

how hard is it to marry a weekend?

because i would like to hold this one in my arms forever and never let it go.
one of the best weekends in a very long time. hands down.
i am in love with everyone in my life.
(check out this video on caitlin's blog. it perfectly describes my friends and our weekend. they are good people. the best.)