Friday, January 15, 2010

bill cosby is always right.

i'm obsessed with these kids. they're hilarious and adorable. they're staying with us for the weekend and here are some highlights from their first night.

me- so ethan how's life since christmas
ethan- well, i speak twenty-five languages now
mom- spreken ze deutsch?
ethan- pause. diana! don't question me!
ethan- it doesn't matter if you can't understand what ruth and christian are saying, you have me to translate.

me- christian, do you want some water before bed?
christian- no...but do you want feet in your face?!

ethan- thom! mommy and me got you a bag of snickers!
dad- thanks, bud!
ethan- well, mommy got them for you but you can still give me one! or...three?
kids DO say the darndest things.

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