Saturday, December 26, 2009

a poopyhead christmas.

christmas was beautiful! seriously in love with the holiday.
i felt older this christmas, like it wasn't all about me and that felt suprisingly good. i realized that i don't want as much anymore, so i don't need as many presents underneath the tree. i get bigger more important things and presents are about quality not quantity. i'm not going to lie and say that there wasn't some jealousy as ethan, ruthie, and christian sat eagerly at the top of the stairs waiting to go down and see what santa brought them and all i wanted to do was sleep another 4 hours. (they woke us up at 7:30) i miss the excitement that comes with childhood and truly believing in santa, but christmas is still beautiful all the same. it was bittersweet, because it's most likely the last christmas that we will spend with my papa, my mom's dad, but we made the most of it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"if hall and oates met at temple, do they have a hall hall?"

i am obsessed with my family.

today my dad, brennan, and i continued our 19 (15 with all of us) tradition of christmas eve shopping. every year, we go out and get my mom's presents and brennan and i both get to pick an early present. i'm sure it started as my dad going last minute, but i really love our little tradition.

here are some highlights from today's trip, because it was crankier than most.

  • brennan and i buying my dad's present in cvs and him thinking it was "ass wipes"
  • brennan buying the worst gummies ever and ending up throwing them at my dad's car from across the wal mart parking lot.
  • my dad asking brennan to get me a "super buffet" or "matress warehouse" gift card and brennan going into both places to ask if they did gift cards then walking right out.
  • telling the boys that jayda thinks hall & oates are nerdy. brennan getting offended. my dad explaining what nerd means. ("in my day, a nerd was someone who farted in the bathtub and ate the bubbles")
  • my dad using the word "unfurl" to tell my brother to unfold a poster. brennan making fun of him. 20 minutes later my dad gets mad at brennan and this conversation occured:
    dad- i'm about to unfurl something
    brennan- if you fart, i'm outta here
  • trying to pick out a new santa for my mom's collection, each involving an animal. calling her to say, "ok mom, a donkey, an elephant, a sheep, and a squirrel walk into a bar. which one do you sit beside?". she hung up on us. we chose the santa riding a donkey. it's nicer than it sounds.

i love my boys.
merry christmas, everyone.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(c)luvin home.

i am seriously in love with carlisle. everything about it feels like home. there hasn't been a moment that i haven't been happy since i've been home. a list of things that have happened:

1. i wore my snuggie out in public, meaning to tyler's hockey game.
2. snowed a lot. very pretty.
3. had a drunken dance party with my parents and their friends. so much fun.
4. had a 717 gift exchange party with my BFFs.
5. got lunch with todd, jayda, and jack. then went to the cutest used book store.
6. went sledding/impromptu snowball fighting at 10:30 at night with some long lost friends. fell in love with sledding at night.
7. went to wing night with BFFs. embarrassed myself in front of yet another waiter.
"how do you like the cake?"
"i like it! it has raspberry in it and i'm happy with that!"
8. played my favorite game, loaded questions, with my favorite people.

seriously in love with the 717. seriously in love with home. seriously in love with christmas break.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis the season

1. christmas
2. finals

one is silver and the other sucks.

while in the tech center attempting to finish my paper, i took a lil picnik detour and make this fancy little seasonal header. want to hear a funny story about poinsettias?

this summer, my dad's friend was over and he ripped my dad's favorite golf shirt. (as in right off of my dad's back.) so the next time my dad went over to his friend's house, he was handed a shirt. this shirt was bright orange with plants all over it. the plants were green. my dad looked at the shirt and thought that the shirt was covered with poinsettias and that the makers of the shirt had just made them green to go against the bright orange/red shirt. he wore this shirt every time he went golfing this summer. the shirt is in fact covered with pot leaves.

time to work.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


And by accomplished I mean in making that header, not in getting any actual work done.
But I swear I had every intention to revise my youth cultures paper, until I realized that not a single on of my bitch professor's comments were in any way helpful. She seriously sucks, I've never written more terrible things on a teacher evaluation. I have to have a conference with her tomorrow, so that should be fun. I hate this paper, so much. It's going to take over my life the next two nights.

Fun weekend, though.
Stayed in and watched endless movies on Friday night. Laughed hysterically at Jacob Black.
Layed around all day Saturday, then went to the Broad Street Line A'Capella concert. Then Ron's, which was a lot of fun.
Layed around all day today, except for eating food. And coming to the tech center.

Only three more days of classes! New York on Friday! Winter break next Thursday!