Wednesday, October 28, 2009

weird things that comfort me

1. blinking reception towers. something about driving past them on the highway at night on my way home from anywhere.

2. just having the oven light on in the kitchen. after making dinner every night, this is how my mom leaves the kitchen at home. it's nice.

3. the song "see the world" by gomez. everytime it comes on my itunes, i think of my dad. it's obviously advice to a young boy, but it reminds a lot of things my dad told me when i was younger.

4. sleeping with a fan. if i'm away from my own room for a night without a fan, the next night is always a great night sleep. if you don't sleep with a fan, you should try it. the white noise is incredible.

5. the philadelphia skyline at night. i know i've already talked about this in a post, but it remains true. walking down cecil and seeing the orange glow from the city hall clock makes me feel at peace. it's nice, every single time.

6. eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. if i'm stressed, i eat one of those and i can feel my worries falling off of me.

stuck inside the groove

i just got a pang of homesick. "why georgia" came on my itunes and i automatically felt an urge for the suburbs. for carlisle. for my parents. for my 717 friends. but i feel all sorts of weird, because i feel like it's not for home as it is now, but home as it was 2 years ago. senior year home. high school home. driving to kings gap at dusk with jayda and laura kelly home. go karting and spending 3 hours in the coldstone parking lot home. harassing mr. erb on a daily basis home. sharing a locker with jayda home. being picked up by sally every morning home. picking laura up in the cancun parking lot home. going sledding at nate's home. spending friday nights in basements home. everything that reminds me of home home.
i don't want to go back to that time, because that is in the past, but i wish that i could go home and everything would still be the same. and while i know that they won't, it's nice to think back on them. nostalgia is good sometimes.

jimmy, you shouldn't leave me in the room by myself for this long. i think too much.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

dawn is breaking everywhere

a list: from me to me

1. stop listening to glee songs so often. your itunes is getting embarrassing.
2. learn to cook. not knowing how to defrost chicken is a no go in life. your kids will most definitely like more than kraft mac and cheese. get with it.
3. eat more fruits and vegetables.
4. stop freaking out whenever someone says the word "carlisle". it's becoming kind of creepy. it is not a coincidence that you got put in the group to read about the indian school. moderation, my friend.
5. up your creative game. your skills parallel a four year olds. find your creative niche.
6. do your friggin' fraggin' homework. be more productive. god, just do it.
7. don't spend money. it's limited. you're never going to have money, future teacher of america, so learn to be money wise sooner rather than later.
8. jim halpert and marshall eriksen are fictional characters. your love runs too deep. don't use them as a guide in finding a real boy.
8a. find a real boy.
9. one brownie a day. ONE FREAKIN' BROWNIE A DAY. why can't you stop eating them? self control, goddammit!
10. give yourself a high five for discovering nantucket nectar's pomegranate pear juice. it's the best thing since arizona iced tea, but it's expensive. see #7.
11. let loose this weekend. come out of it with a good story or two; it's been a few weekends, and you could use it.