Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i've got a feelin'

that this semester is going to be good.

i took all of my notes in econ and math today, which is a big deal because i usually forget to pay attention in those types of classes.
i've been waking up a half hour before my first classes and getting to them with time to spare.
i've already cooked myself some delicious pasta.
i'm pretty interested in the course material of all of my classes (except econ.)
i didn't know that my math class was a math class for teachers, learning how to teach math to children. (my first dose of what it means to teach children. hopefully this goes well)
i finished my first assignment of the semester in record time.
i feel generally motivated and happy.

and i know that it's only two days into the semester, but this is a lot more positive than i felt at the beginning of fall semester. winter break was a good one for helping me figure things out about myself.


  1. I do not understand how you can wake up HALF an hour before a class and get there with time to spare. I need to leave 15-20 minutes before my classes start to get there on time, plust I have to get dressed and eat and check the internetz... how do you DO (or not do) that in simply half an hour??

  2. 1. use bathroom/brush teeth (3 min)
    2. get dressed (5 min)
    3. brush hair (1 min)
    4. check internet (5 min)
    5. grab granola bar
    6. leave
    7. uv is a lot closer to campus than oxford and i either start in gladfelter or ritter, which are the closest buildings to uv.

  3. Omg, all of those things take me like three times as long to do in the morning. (Minus brush hair, I don't do that)