Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis the season

1. christmas
2. finals

one is silver and the other sucks.

while in the tech center attempting to finish my paper, i took a lil picnik detour and make this fancy little seasonal header. want to hear a funny story about poinsettias?

this summer, my dad's friend was over and he ripped my dad's favorite golf shirt. (as in right off of my dad's back.) so the next time my dad went over to his friend's house, he was handed a shirt. this shirt was bright orange with plants all over it. the plants were green. my dad looked at the shirt and thought that the shirt was covered with poinsettias and that the makers of the shirt had just made them green to go against the bright orange/red shirt. he wore this shirt every time he went golfing this summer. the shirt is in fact covered with pot leaves.

time to work.


  1. hahaha that's my favorite shirt in the world. also, why would he wear poinsettias in the summer, anyway? hahaha

    corrie, I'm dying. this paper will never get written. 6.5 hours until class... my eyes feel heaaaavy.

  3. hahaha, yeah, because every other person who saw it asked why he had marijuana on his shirt.

  4. hahaha that is hilarious. and yes 1 is indeed awesome but 2. does suckkk

    secret santa (not to be confused with secret manta) soon!