Thursday, December 24, 2009

"if hall and oates met at temple, do they have a hall hall?"

i am obsessed with my family.

today my dad, brennan, and i continued our 19 (15 with all of us) tradition of christmas eve shopping. every year, we go out and get my mom's presents and brennan and i both get to pick an early present. i'm sure it started as my dad going last minute, but i really love our little tradition.

here are some highlights from today's trip, because it was crankier than most.

  • brennan and i buying my dad's present in cvs and him thinking it was "ass wipes"
  • brennan buying the worst gummies ever and ending up throwing them at my dad's car from across the wal mart parking lot.
  • my dad asking brennan to get me a "super buffet" or "matress warehouse" gift card and brennan going into both places to ask if they did gift cards then walking right out.
  • telling the boys that jayda thinks hall & oates are nerdy. brennan getting offended. my dad explaining what nerd means. ("in my day, a nerd was someone who farted in the bathtub and ate the bubbles")
  • my dad using the word "unfurl" to tell my brother to unfold a poster. brennan making fun of him. 20 minutes later my dad gets mad at brennan and this conversation occured:
    dad- i'm about to unfurl something
    brennan- if you fart, i'm outta here
  • trying to pick out a new santa for my mom's collection, each involving an animal. calling her to say, "ok mom, a donkey, an elephant, a sheep, and a squirrel walk into a bar. which one do you sit beside?". she hung up on us. we chose the santa riding a donkey. it's nicer than it sounds.

i love my boys.
merry christmas, everyone.


  1. hahaha i'm glad you're having such a good time and i hope you're mom loves her santa riding a donkey. i know that if santa rode into a bar on a donkey, i would definitely sit next to him. merry christmas!

  2. HAHAHAHHA I loled at the fart part. Your dad reminds me of my dad.

  3. bahahahaha that sounds hilarious. and really- how could you go wrong with a santa-riding-a-donkey? perfection.

  4. i love hall and oats! 500 days of summer brought them back for me and i can't stop listening to it now! i hope you had a lovely christmas!