Sunday, December 6, 2009


And by accomplished I mean in making that header, not in getting any actual work done.
But I swear I had every intention to revise my youth cultures paper, until I realized that not a single on of my bitch professor's comments were in any way helpful. She seriously sucks, I've never written more terrible things on a teacher evaluation. I have to have a conference with her tomorrow, so that should be fun. I hate this paper, so much. It's going to take over my life the next two nights.

Fun weekend, though.
Stayed in and watched endless movies on Friday night. Laughed hysterically at Jacob Black.
Layed around all day Saturday, then went to the Broad Street Line A'Capella concert. Then Ron's, which was a lot of fun.
Layed around all day today, except for eating food. And coming to the tech center.

Only three more days of classes! New York on Friday! Winter break next Thursday!

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