Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(c)luvin home.

i am seriously in love with carlisle. everything about it feels like home. there hasn't been a moment that i haven't been happy since i've been home. a list of things that have happened:

1. i wore my snuggie out in public, meaning to tyler's hockey game.
2. snowed a lot. very pretty.
3. had a drunken dance party with my parents and their friends. so much fun.
4. had a 717 gift exchange party with my BFFs.
5. got lunch with todd, jayda, and jack. then went to the cutest used book store.
6. went sledding/impromptu snowball fighting at 10:30 at night with some long lost friends. fell in love with sledding at night.
7. went to wing night with BFFs. embarrassed myself in front of yet another waiter.
"how do you like the cake?"
"i like it! it has raspberry in it and i'm happy with that!"
8. played my favorite game, loaded questions, with my favorite people.

seriously in love with the 717. seriously in love with home. seriously in love with christmas break.


  1. YOU WORE IT IN PUBLIC LIKE IN THE COMMERCIAL???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahahahaha I feel like eventually we're going to have to do a snuggie intervention.... enjoy it while you can corrie.

  3. hahahahahaha. during the hockey game i shared it with my friend as a blanket, but then when we were waiting for my friend to change after the game i put it on in the lobby. nbd.