Thursday, October 15, 2009

dawn is breaking everywhere

a list: from me to me

1. stop listening to glee songs so often. your itunes is getting embarrassing.
2. learn to cook. not knowing how to defrost chicken is a no go in life. your kids will most definitely like more than kraft mac and cheese. get with it.
3. eat more fruits and vegetables.
4. stop freaking out whenever someone says the word "carlisle". it's becoming kind of creepy. it is not a coincidence that you got put in the group to read about the indian school. moderation, my friend.
5. up your creative game. your skills parallel a four year olds. find your creative niche.
6. do your friggin' fraggin' homework. be more productive. god, just do it.
7. don't spend money. it's limited. you're never going to have money, future teacher of america, so learn to be money wise sooner rather than later.
8. jim halpert and marshall eriksen are fictional characters. your love runs too deep. don't use them as a guide in finding a real boy.
8a. find a real boy.
9. one brownie a day. ONE FREAKIN' BROWNIE A DAY. why can't you stop eating them? self control, goddammit!
10. give yourself a high five for discovering nantucket nectar's pomegranate pear juice. it's the best thing since arizona iced tea, but it's expensive. see #7.
11. let loose this weekend. come out of it with a good story or two; it's been a few weekends, and you could use it.

1 comment:

  1. u are a good writer.
    and this list didnt disappoint.

    it seriously cracked me up in parts... but in reality... i think it pertains to me a lot too. haha