Saturday, July 4, 2009

i want. and possibly need..

everything from the urban outfitters home decor collection.

I held off on posting the Obama figurine, but we all know I want that. But seriously, lately I've been so excited to have my own apartment next year; I'm so excited to decorate it.
Also, Jim: Urban Outifitters has an extensive collection of owl decorative gear. We should take advantage of that. TU! U KNOW!


  1. we can make and/or thrift all of that.
    come with me dear corrie, and i shall show you the scared ways of the cheap.

  2. umm caitlin, i want you to make us that hamburger phone my dear.

    corrie..... YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i agree with cait... we gotta do this on the cheap.

  3. if you find/make me that macrame owl, i will love you forever!

    and this was just some ideas. i do not have the money to go through with any of those.