Monday, June 29, 2009

philosophy sux!!1!11##$@1!!!!

yeah, i said it.
i'm not interested in it and i'm don't wanna hear about it. just live your life and be happy; don't dissect every piece of it. the universe doesn't plan out everything for us and everything is real. try telling someone who is terminally ill that their disease is all a figment of their imagination. no, my dear friend, my parents got a call from their best friend last night. his mother has had cancer for years now, and now she is nearing the end. she has distanced herself from her family and has become unverbal, but one thing that i'm sure she has never once thought is "this ain't real, ya'lllll." birth. life. death. they are not processes that we made up in our minds. they are not figments of our imagination. every person goes through them because it is natural. it is science. it is proven. do not live your life based around some dude who wrote a book and decided to preach their own ideals. form your own. be original, because in my mind, if your philosophy is to live by no philosopy, you're much better off in the long run. happiness is that easy to achieve, i promise. you just need to believe in it. ok, rant over.

on to my new favorite thing:
my back scratcher. yes, one of those hands on a stick. after a bad sunburn, it's all i need? why? because my itchy back is real and i don't want it to be, so i fix it. with a back scratcher aka a gift from the gods. mine is blue and i dug it up from underneath a pile of shoes last night, but let me tell you the dust was all worth it. it hasn't left my side. BFF.
i'm also very much into water right now. and plain white tees. as in the shirt, not the band. i'm very into my temple flip flops. i want to wear them for the rest of my life. i'm also into and the gosselin's gossip. yeah, i'm that girl. finally, i love the city of pittsburgh. it's just cool.

my birthday is on wednesday. i love birthdays. my mom got me a bunch of stuff at ikea! chicka chicka yeah! oh, and jimmy, i have some ideas for decorating our apartment, GET AT ME.

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  1. rant: agreed. though i do think you have a lot of control over things in your life (obviously not severe illness, but things like happiness and stress) i hate that people try to steer their lives because they have predetermined how they're going to live based on some philosophy. it's absurd. so: amen, amen.

    also: happy early birthday! and i've been following the john-kate + 8 gossip as well. still hate her. can't believe they aren't going to counseling or anything. that seems like something they would do first- i mean, that's at LEAST three episodes right there. let's think this thing through logically folks.