Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a funk you don't wanna shake your rump to...

I'm bored at home. Plain and simple.
Even if I'm with my friends every night, we always do the same things. I'm sick of the routine. I'm sick of the funk that my friends upholding their "images" has put me in. I want something fun to happen. I want something new and exciting to happen here. I love Carlisle, I really do, but you do get stuck in a small town routine and while it was nice for awhile, it's starting to wear on me after being at college for a year. In a big city. With culture and diversity and an endless supply of fun and exciting things to do. I'm starting to crave the fast-pace lifestyle again, but all it would take for that to subside would be a change here. I just need something new. But anymore, it seems like that won't come without a complete evolution from the things of now. I think what I need is to get out of Carlisle, for even an afternoon, and just see something new. Smell different smells. Hear different sounds. Meet new people. Just spend my time doing something that I've never done before, or even don't do very often. If anyone has any ideas of exciting things to do, that would be great because I have the motivation, I just need the means.


  1. let's go hiking!
    or go to red rabbit and get burgers!
    or you can come visit harrisburg!
    all thrilling options!

  2. i want do to them allll!
    lets make a deal to do all of those things before we head back to the city.

  3. DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN!

    (i mean.... if im allowed!)

  4. Go play laser tag! There's got to be somewhere nearish you that has it, and people forget about how AWESOME it is.