Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wednesday night feels alright?

drinking on a wednesday night? what? it still feels weird, and it's happened the last two weeks. who have i become? am i a lush? nah, just kidding, it's been fun. the past week has been fun. a lot of fun.

last thursday night was ridiculous, just sitting in 324 with people being psuedo-drunk/high/dead and making jokes about stupid things and playing impromptu games of "which way are you going/which way am i going" with juan fernandez, hot foreign basketball superstar.

last weekend was a nice mix of partying, drinking, and laying around in the beautiful weather. it was keiran's birthday, so we celebrated in style by playing the arrested development drinking game, which is a fun way to become inebriated. i recommend it.

this week has been stressful, especially today. it may have been spring fling, but my professors decided that they wanted to kill me with work and tests and assigning things. f you, profs. f you. it's crazy how busy i'm going to be with work starting next week. ugh. it's definitely starting to feel like the end of the semester. and you know what also sucks? jayda coons going home TOMORROW. actually, in about 10 hours and I don't get to go home for like 3 weeks. CRAZY. and dumb. crazy dumb.

show at la salle, frisbee at princeton, and dinner at julie's this weekend! plus, it's going to be 85 degrees on Saturday. frick yes! sun(burn), cars, roadtrips, homemade food!
l8r sk8rs.

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