Monday, September 7, 2009


dear skyline of philadelphia,
i love you. you make the walk home from a party by myself worth it. the minute i pass temple towers, you're there, waiting for me, with your glowing lights. you make me feel safe (if only for a split second). you remind me of how big this city is. i am one of 2 million. and that should scare me, but seeing you shining in the distance makes me feel like i belong here; i am a philadelphian. you put my mind at ease.

dear north philadelphia,
i don't care how pungent the smell of poop is in the air, you are glorious and wonderful; you are not as scary as they say. you fill my weekends with fun stories of escapades in the ghetto and experiences that i never thought i could say i had. you are interesting and filled with culture and you are starting to feel like home again.

dear cranberry raspberry juice,
suga how you get so fly? i think i might like you as more than a friend. you are delicious. i woke up craving you this morning, and you did not disappoint. i'm almost done with the current bottle of you, but i fully intend to stock up again. will you be my boyfriend? plz write back.

dear courtyard lights of university village,
whaddafxup? why are you so friggin' bright? i don't think anyone would complain if you took it down a few notches. pretty please? with a cherry on top? hot fudge? i'll even go for sprinkles. i just want to be able to fall asleep more easily. i'll do anything.

dear beds of university village,
you're big and beautiful. i love you.

dear 500 days of summer soundtrack,
you are the bomb. i feel like you were made for my own personal listening pleasure.

dear quentin tarantino,
keep up the good work! i give your movies many huzzahs! nicely done!

dear mappy,
you're the man. it is my dream that the cats will never catch you, and i will help you defend yourself until the end. true love never dies.

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  1. dear corrie:
    you is beautiful. i love watchin you play mappy. and how your face lights up whenever dee comes to visit. I also like when you say "Amurrrrica" real loud and we watch you tube videos together. But dear corrie, where's my "dear roommate" note... just sayin.
    -your dear roommate.